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Let me tell you a little about me and how i got here…

Being from a big city like Atlanta, Leigh was always surrounded by style. Growing up, she was raised to take pride in your own space and home, which led to her obsession with organization. After attending Auburn University and graduating with a Fashion Merchandising degree, she moved back to Atlanta to work in a high-end clothing boutique. Shortly after meeting her husband Brendan, and getting married, his job took them away for a few years. 

After returning back to Atlanta, life looks a little different. With 2 wonderful children, Norah and Graham, they settled in the High Point area of Atlanta. Over the years, Leigh has realized her passion and talent for organizing spaces in addition to her already keen sense of fashion. Noticing the need for a closet organization with a styling aspect to it, she launched L. Williams Closet Editing + Styling in early 2018.

Leigh feels like the first step for a client's wardrobe to function properly is organization. Because she has always strived to do a mix of high-end pieces with bargain finds in her own closet, bringing this attainable style to her clients is her end goal.

Her passion for organized spaces can all be credited to her mom, who passed away from Breast Cancer in 2015. Leigh, with the willingness of generous clients, has organized a 1-day clothing consignment sale that all proceeds go straight to Breast Cancer Research. This blending of work and charity is truly a perfect way for Leigh to honor her mom while giving back, and looks forward to growing her business and charity all over the south!